You Are My All

When I felt really torn, not sure of what I needed,

To the right and left I turned,

And yet I never found it.

Then I heard a still small voice, saying,

"Come, I have what you need."

So then I struggled, and made the choice

To follow You, wherever You would lead,

So now...

When I don't know what to do,

I will turn to You.

You're the answer I'm looking for,

You are my Lord.

And when I don't know where to turn,

I still know what I've learned,

That You are my strength, my comfort,

My song,

You are my all...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Choose to Stand - Lyrics

Verse 1:
If you’re sinking in the mire,
And you think you’re lost,
What does the Lord require?
Oh, what is the cost?
There’s something you must do, but not on your own.
It is through the Lord Jesus, by His grace alone,
That you can be saved and from sin be released,
And God will give you real true peace.
Verse 2:
If you’re just so tired of trying
To get through on your own,
You are on yourself relying;
You cannot walk alone.
Just let Jesus lead you everyday.
He will teach you what to do and what to say.
He will soften your heart and renew your mind.
Through Him true happiness you will find.
Verse 3:
If you think you can’t go higher
And there’s just no hope,
Just in faith look up to Jesus
And hold tight to His rope
Through faith you can keep journeying on;
In the strength of Jehovah you will be made strong.
In temptation and trial, just pray to the Lord.
Put forth effort and take Jesus’ sword.
Verse 4:
If you have that deep desire,
But you just don’t have rest,
And you want the Spirit’s fire,
That you may pass the test;
Through faith you can surrender to Him.
Wearing all of God’s armour, the battle you’ll win.
As you fight in this war, Jesus stands by your side;
Choose to stand in the power of His might.