You Are My All

When I felt really torn, not sure of what I needed,

To the right and left I turned,

And yet I never found it.

Then I heard a still small voice, saying,

"Come, I have what you need."

So then I struggled, and made the choice

To follow You, wherever You would lead,

So now...

When I don't know what to do,

I will turn to You.

You're the answer I'm looking for,

You are my Lord.

And when I don't know where to turn,

I still know what I've learned,

That You are my strength, my comfort,

My song,

You are my all...

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Lord Has a Purpose

Verse 1:
The Lord has a purpose for my life: to lift me up to the greatest heights,
Lifting me up from sin’s degradation, having His glory always in sight;
To hear and listen, and obey His voice, as I move forward, making the choice
To let His purpose be real in my life.
Verse 2:
The Lord has a purpose for your life: to always in His love abide,
As He gives you His gift of salvation, and by His grace, live in His light;
To listen to Him, and let Him shine through, as you move forward, having in view
The Lord fulfilling His purpose in you.
Verse 3:
The Lord has a purpose for our lives: to love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind,
As we seek Him and follow His leading, wearing His armor in the great fight.
His purpose He will fulfill in our lives, as me move forward, and in Him abide.
And, in His love, we will be satisfied.
The Lord has a purpose for each one of us, yes, He does, and we must
Seek His face, run the race, and by His grace
Fight the good fight, and in His might
We shall endeavor, and we will be with the Lord forever.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Elite - Lyrics

Verse 1:
There’s a group of people behind our view, the Bilderberg elitist group.
They plan the future and rewrite the past.
They even control the price of gas.
But this is nothing new, it’s the way it’s been. In 1776 a group of men
Called the Illuminati laid some evil plans
To control the world and enslave man. (Chorus)
Elite, elite, nothing can satisfy their greed.
They think nothing’s too bad, but they’ll always be sad
Because power is not what they need.
Verse 2:
With propaganda on the news they want to control our thoughts and views.
They tell us what they want us to hear,
But things are not always the way they appear.
And in the public schools they have their ways of washing the students’ and teacher’s brains.
That’s why you think I’m crazy as I say this to you,
But I tell you I’m speaking the truth. (Chorus)
Verse 3:
You cannot escape their realm of control in the church building or in the school.
The merchants of earth unite with the beast. The merchants in prophecy
Are the Elite.
Oh, they work hand in hand with the papacy,
Yes I said it, so God help me.
Their Jesuit army can take my life away,
But God’s in control, so that’s okay. (Chorus)
Verse 4:
And not to mention Hollywood, which doesn’t do us any good.
They just distract us with empty things,
And ruin the lives of celebrities.
We are constantly wasting our time, and all the while we think we’re fine.
We say it’s okay; it’s just T.V.
But what we behold is what we’ll be. (Chorus)
Verse 5:
We used to live in a free country, we call it the land of liberty.
But now, you see, they have us fooled.
They’ve given us majority rule.
And that is not the way it’s supposed to be! If conviction comes to you or me,
We may not be able to follow through,
Because it’s not what most people do. (Chorus)
Verse 6:
So you better give your mind to them, or else they’ll take it without your consent.
They push us with their philosophies of Nietzsche, Hegel, and Hippocrates.
We are taught to think that nothing’s wrong,
The earth still turns, and life goes on.
They say, "Truth and lies are all the same.
Believe in yourself, and feel no shame." (Chorus)
Verse 7:
Hey Baby Boomers, do you see all the change that’s taking place in this new age?
The young disrespect authority, their mindset is, "What’s in it for me?"
Just look at all the ways we get entertained.
We kill each other in the video games,
And we’re addicted to our favorite shows.
Our purpose in life we don’t even know. (Ending)
ENDING: We try to escape reality,
By finding excitement in anything.
For happiness we vainly search
If we’re only looking to this earth...
Lord, many people don’t know what to do.
Show them that all they need is You.
You are able to lead them through.
Evil may reign on earth for an hour,
But You are the One with the saving power.
We don’t have to face anything alone.
You still reign on Your eternal throne.
You still reign on Your eternal throne.

Cast Your Care - Lyrics

Cast Your Care
Cast your care upon Him, for He careth for you.
Trials come and lay you low, but He will lift you up.
Humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God
That He may exalt you in due time.
Verse 1:
Earthly friends may fail you
And leave you on the ground, and you don’t know where to turn.
But Jesus is your Friend, and He’ll never let you down
And when you come to Him, you will you learn
That He loves you and knows you better than you know yourself,
And He wants to take you in His arms and show you what to do:
Verse 2:
Hard times may come,
And you want encouragement, but you don’t find what you need.
Just take some time for God, and tell Him of your cares.
When you listen to Him you will see
That He loves you and knows you, better than your closest friends,
And they’re not with you all the time, but He is always there:
Verse 3:
No matter what may happen;
When disappointments come; remember this now, my friend
That Jesus has a purpose, and He will lead you through.
God’s plan will show in the end
For He loves you and knows you, enough to know what’s best,
And when you pour it out to Him, then He will give you rest.
Through all the tribulation, He is by your side.
Through all the battles, He will help you fight.
You need battle for victory. You need victory for strength.
The battles show your weakness, and you’re strong when you’re weak.
It’s then that you’re more than a conqueror, through Him who loved you.
Humble yourself therefore, under the mighty hand of God,
That He may exalt you in due time.
So cast your care upon Him, for He careth for you.
Trials come and lay you low, but He will lift you up.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not By Sight - Lyrics

Not By Sight
Verse 1: I know God has a work for me, a purpose for my life.
And I know He’s been preparing me, through sunshine and through strife.
I know I’m in His hand, and I know He has a plan. I’ve got to help this world in need.
I want everyone to hear my voice, and because of me to make a choice.
Give me a megaphone and I will shout – but that’s not what it’s about.
Verse 2: You know, I’ve been thinking recently, that maybe I’ve been wrong.
It could be that, but then you see, I just keep holding on.
It is my one desire, my all-consuming fire – How can I know it isn’t mine?
Just set me free and I will fly away. Yes, I am ready! Just make a way.
Open the door and I will lift my wings – but will it honor my King?
Verse 3: It’s like I’m in a hallway, with many different doors.
I’m looking for a certain one, that’s why I ask the Lord,
"What will become of me? Right now I want to see. Why does it seem the door is closed?
The doors are open but it can’t be right. I must get out of here and get a life.
Show me the way and I will follow You. What do You want me to do?
Verse 4: Yeah, okay, it must be true – there is a place for me.
And yes, I have a work to do. But is it what I think?
I need a vision, though, to show me where to go. Please show me where my goal should be.
Lord, time is slipping out of my hands. What am I waiting for, my great big plans?
I see I must start working for You now – just show me what and how.
Verse 5: Lord, I don’t know when You will come, but time is precious, still.
What’s most important to get done? I want to do Your will.
Please show me what I need, show me what I ought to be. Right where I am, work out Your purpose.
Jesus, I’m letting go of my own plans. I will be ready, though, if You command.
Today I’ll do what You want me to do. And I will listen to You.
Ending: And you shall hear a word behind You, saying, "This is the way, walk in the truth.
When you turn to the left and to the right, just walk by faith, not by sight."

Pick Me Up Again - Lyrics

Pick Me Up Again
Verse 1: Father, take control; heal my weary soul.
I’m tired of trying on my own.
You are my only hope. I cannot break these ropes
That hold me down.
Jesus take my wicked heart. You are the One I’m seeking.
I’m trying hard to do my part. I fall before You weeping.
God, how can I be so vile?! I’ve walked this path for quite a while.
Loose me from my cruel bonds of sin. Take it all – cleanse my heart,
And pick me up again.
Verse 2: After all I know, how can I be so low?
I’m feeling my weakness, O my God.
My heart is so estranged, and I do not want to change –
What can be done?
I have no power of my own to change my wrong desires.
If left alone, they’d burn my soul, just like a raging fire.
Pour Your water on my flames, take away my sin and shame.
I’ve fallen and I’m humble now. Look at me, I’m at Your feet –
Now pick me up again.
Bridge: Lord, I know my thoughts need to be right,
For thoughts will lead to actions.
So let my heart’s meditations be pleasing in Your sight.
Verse 3: Mom said the other day, when skies were looking gray,
"You don’t have to pick yourself up."
And I know it’s true; I put my trust in You.
You’ll pick me up.
When I struggle with myself, only You can help me.
In my past, You’ve been my help, no matter what befell me.
So by Your grace I will get through. With all my heart I’ll cling to You.
And in this battle, we will win. Moving on, I’ll sing this song:
You’ll pick me up again.

To Honor Him - Lyrics

Verse 1:
In everything I do I want to honor You.
Wherever I go, I just want to know
That I’m there to honor You.
My heart has been so vile, and desperate all the while
To glorify my name. But now I feel ashamed. And I need a change in my heart.
Lord, I just don’t want to work for You with my own honor in view.
I dream my dreams, and then it seems I’ve run ahead of You.
Lord, take my heart, my pride and all. Help me take heed lest I fall.
Teach me to honor You.
Verse 2:
At times I get caught up in all the things I love.
My zeal can be so strong, and yet my motives wrong,
And I forget to honor Him.
But Christ takes me within, and shows my inner sin; revealing my mistake
So gently that I break, and I see I’m not what I thought.
You see, we need to work for Christ by taking one day at a time.
We find there’s beauty in our daily duties, when we do them with all our might.
It is our calling; we must be true. There’s nothing too small for us to do –
If it’s done to honor Him.
Verse 3:
The Lord is well pleased when we’re faithful in the least.
Our duties we embrace, no matter what our place.
We are called to honor Him.
Our characters grow strong as humbly we go on in singleness of heart, enjoying our part
In His plan, for His glory’s sake.
You see, the pattern for our lives is found in Jesus Christ.
Do you see the glory in the humble story of His self-denying life?
He humbly went on to carry His cross. When we do that for Him it’s not a loss
As we live to honor Him. We are honored to honor Him.

The Lord's Day - Lyrics

The Lord’s Day
Beginning: Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Six days you shall work, but the seventh is the Sabbath.
In it you shall do no work, for it is the Lord’s day,
And He sanctified it, to spend the day with you.
Verse 1: When God gave us a Sabbath rest, He did it for our very best –
Not to be a burden for a weary soul to bear.
He made that day for our own good. If we would spend it as we should,
We would know the blessing in spending the day with Him.
Verse 2: When God had finished all His work, and making man upon this earth,
He was our Creator, and He loved the man He made.
He rested on that seventh day. ‘Twas the foundation that He laid,
To establish in our hearts our loving Creator’s part.
Verse 3: Throughout each age there have been some
Who kept the precepts of the One
Whom they chose as Leader, as their life, their all in all.
From year to year and age to age, we know our Lord will never change.
He’s the way, the truth, the life; we can now in Him abide.
Verse 4: But slowly we forgot His day, absorbed in all our work and play,
And forgot our Maker. But He still remembered us.
And now He calls to you and me to lay our burdens at His feet.
Will you hear His loving call, "Come and spend the day with Me?"
Bridge: The day of rest is the final test. You must choose the truth or the lie.
But if it’s God you choose, you have nothing to lose,
For God’s truth will never die – no, the truth can never die.
Ending: Jesus, help me be like You in mind and character.
Lord, I must walk with You now, then I may be Yours forever.
Lord, prepare Your people. Lord, our hearts and minds renew.
Then, forever, we will spend the eternal day with You.

The Lord's Day - Video

Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your Heart's Cry - Lyrics

Verse 1:
Do you feel a chill in your heart, at the sound of a coming storm?
Do you feel a chill in your heart, when the day is all done?
When you look at your life, is there something not right?
You just need to let go, and let Jesus know
That you don’t want your heart to be cold,
And you just want to be made whole.
Through Jesus there is hope,
That you can keep your hold.

Verse 2:
Are you smiling on the outside, looking happy in other’s sight?
But you’re really aching inside, and you don’t feel all right?
Do you want something deep, something real you can keep?
You don’t know where to turn, but through Jesus you will learn
That you don’t have to feel so alone;
Let your heart be your Saviour’s home.
He will lead you everyday,
Walking with you all the way.

Verse 3:
Do you feel a need to pray, and let God open your heart?
But you don’t think you have time today, and you don’t know where to start?
Jesus is always there, He will answer your prayer.
Since He cared enough to die, He’s alive, and now by your side.
So you just need to pause where you are,
And let Jesus shine in your heart.
When you honestly pray,
He will lead you through the day.

Verse 4:
Do you hear your heart’s cry that you need to be freed from sin?
You need all of self to die, so Christ can live within.
He’ll renew your mind, and enlighten your life.
You do not need to fear because Jesus is near.
In His love, you can be assured:
By His grace, you will endure,
In Jehovah’s strength to stand, Till you reach the Promised Land.

You're Still the One - Lyrics

Verse 1:
I’ve seen some things, I’ve lived and learned, and now I know just where to turn.
When I don’t understand how to think or feel, You are the One who’s always real.
You’re always here, You’ll never change, from year to year and age to age.
You are my Lord, my Guide and King. To You this song of praise I sing.
You’re still my Father, I will turn to You when things aren’t right.
You’re still my Father, I can count on You to hold me tight.
When I can’t find a place to hide, I know in You I can confide,
Because, Lord, You’re still my Father.

Verse 2:
I often wonder what I’m doing, where I am, and where I’m going.
I wonder how my dreams will happen. I wonder where You’ll lead me next.
But I know You have it taken care of, in ways that I am not aware of.
I give the driver’s seat to You. Lord, I surrender all to You!
You’re still my Maker. You created me, and I am Yours.
You’re still my Maker, and You know what purpose I am here for.
And as the Potter molds the clay, I’ll let You mold me day by day,
Because, Lord, You’re still my Maker.

Verse 3:
I’ve been through thick, I’ve been through thin. You’ve been with me everywhere I’ve been. And now I know it was all You. You are the One who led me through.
You were always there, You never left me. You’ve shown Your care, Your love and mercy. You are the truth, the Life the Way. You’ve been with me, Lord, everyday.
*You’re still my Savior, I will follow You through stormy wind.
You’re still my Savior; as You have begun, You’ll lead me to the end.
And when it seems I can’t get through, You’re still the One I’m looking to,
Because, Lord – ( Repeat from * once) You’re still my Savior.

As earthly parents teach their child to walk,
All the good I’ve learned, Lord, You have taught.
You held my hands and led me on, stepping with me all along.
Looking up to Your loving face, I understand how to walk by faith.
I’ll take Your hand, and trust inYou.
That’s all I want to do.

You Lift Me Up - Lyrics

Verse 1:
I close my door and kneel beside my bed
Thoughts of confusion are swelling in my head,
But as I lay them at your feet
You give all, You are all that I need

You lift me up from the floor
You are all I need and so much more
Your love has had its effect on my heart
Lord, as Your Spirit You impart
You lift me up, dearest Lord
1: High above the confusion of this world
2: High above the emptiness of this world
3: High above the wickedness of this world

Verse 2:
I often thought, “I want to live for this world”
But now still in it, I live for You my Lord.
At Your feet my sins and fears I laid.
You’re with me, so now I’m not afraid.

Verse 3:
I see it now – how wicked my heart can be
So fully hopeless without my hold on Thee,
But in Your love, You make a way
To save me from selfishness today!

Since You lift me up from the depths of my sin
Lord, I lift up Your name, this praise is from within
Lord, I am so grateful to You
For all the trials You bring me through
You lift me up from the floor
You are all I need and so much more
Your love has had its effect on my heart
Lord, as Your Spirit You impart
You lift me up, dearest LordHigh above the deceptions of my own heart.

You Empower Me - Lyrics

Verse 1:
When You empowered me to have for You a desire, I knew You were all
You said You’d be, deep down in my heart, You kindled a fire.

O Lord, You empower me to do what You want me to do.
Lord, You are all in all to me, You set me free, and You will carry me through
Till I am with You eternally.

Verse 2:
When You empowered me to give up all my bad habits, some of Your truth
I could somewhat see, but now by Your grace, I delight in Your Sabbath.

Verse 3:
When You empowered me to begin to really know You, through the eyes of faith, I began to see: Through thick and thin, You’d get me through.

Verse 4:
When You empowered me to lay my sins on the altar, a child of God
You led me to be. As You hold my hand, my steps shall not falter.

Verse 5:
When You empowered me to hear what You had to say, I listened and knew
That You would be, the Light in my life to shine everyday...

You Are the Only Way - Lyrics

Verse 1:
Father, I really need Thee, let me now Thy servant be
By Thy grace, the vict’ry I’ll win, when I let You reign within.
Lord, take away my sin, let Your Spirit reign within
That You may be seen in me, that I may glorify Thee.

Verse 2:
Lord, I want to do Thy will, let me be Yours still
Lord, You are most holy, help me be more like Thee.
O Lord, I love You so, I must never let You go,
I know You died for me, help me now to live for Thee.

Verse 3:
Oh, Lord Jesus, by Thy grace, things are getting better,
And that day I see Thy face, I’ll be with You forever.
I must do Thy will all my days, and that only by Thy grace,
Lord, You are the only way, to that great eternal day.

Verse 4:
May Thy will, O Father, be done, may I glorify Thy Son
For He gave His all for me, help me give my all for Thee.
O Lord, in You I am strong, to You, Jesus, now I belong,
You have been so good to me, so I now rejoice in Thee.

Verse 5:
You just need to make the choice to listen to My voice,
And I will take you by the hand, and lead you to the promised land.
If you will but listen to Me, I will make a way for thee,
To always walk with Me, and be with Me for eternity.

You Are My All - Lyrics

Verse 1:
When I felt really torn, not sure of what I needed,
To the right and left I turned, and yet I never found it.
Then I heard a still small voice,
Saying, “Come, I have what you need.”
So then I struggled, and made the choice
To follow You, wherever You would lead. So now –
When I don’t know what to do, I will turn to You.
You’re the answer I’m looking for; You are my Lord.
And when I don’t know where to turn, I still know what I’ve learned –
That You are my strength, my comfort, my song – You are my all.
Ending: You are my all.

Verse 2:
When I am feeling down, life crumbling all around me;
When I don’t feel safe and sound, and loneliness has found me;
Yet I hear a still small voice,
Saying, “Child, I do love you still.
And if you trust Me, and hold my hand,
Then you can see, I’m everything you need.” So Lord –

Verse 3:
When words can not explain my feelings and emotions,
And I know I can’t complain, yet I feel lost in an ocean.
That is when I hear Your voice,
Saying, “Child, just tell it to Me.”
And when I pour out to You my soul,
I’ve seen that You have always made me whole. So Lord –

Verse 4:
No matter where I am, or who I see around me;
Whether fellow saints abound, or I’m feeling kind of lonely;
Still I know You’re by my side.
And I know it’s all in Your hands.
You say there’s joy, Lord, in serving others.
You are my all, I will trust in Your plans. Yes Lord –

What Does God Mean to You? - Lyrics

Verse 1:
Does God mean everything to you? You mean everything to Him.
He gave His life for you, a ransom for your sin.
So I encourage you to put Him first, to live for Him moment by moment;
For better or for worse, to choose to be His servant, Because

Jesus will show you how; He’ll teach you how to be strong;
And if you will choose Him now, you know you can never go wrong;

(Ending: For He will strengthen you, He’ll give you peace in the storm.
He’ll carry you all the way through; a clean heart in you He will form.
And you will be His, and never be torn from His hands.
Your Father forever He is, and you can be part of His plans;)
Because in Him you’ll find Someone to trust.

Verse 2:
Does God mean everything to you? I’ll tell you what you mean to Him:
No matter what you do, He will welcome you back again.
And if you should go astray, your Shepherd will seek you out.
He’ll draw you back today; He just wants you to find out, That

Verse 3:
So what does God mean to you now, since you know what you mean to Him?
Are you willing to choose Him now, and give up your life of sin?
You know Jesus suffered for you, His love is beyond comprehension.
He will make your heart new; just let Him break through your tension, And

Last Line:
So what does God mean to you now –
Since you know what you mean to Him?

Through the Storm - Lyrics

Verse 1:
Can’t you hear the thunder rolling? The storm indeed is drawing near.
Don’t you see the signs unfolding? Yet God bids you never fear.
So then bravely through the storm, we will make our journey home.
Beneath the waves, it seems we’ll drown; still God will never let us down.
Let us take courage; let us be strong! Through faith in Jesus, we’ll journey on.

Verse 2:
Soon we’ll see the lightning strike, marking the start of a raging storm.
It will be the darkest night, but soon will come that blessed morn.
So with patience, we will fight. Soon will end this awful night.
Though clouds are billowing and black, God will provide our every lack.
May we be faithful; may we be true! Our God will lead us and get us through.

Verse 3:
Now you see the storm is coming, will you endure the final test?
Will you still continue running, till you see His face at last?
For you see the Lord will come, He will come to take us home;
So we must continue on, we can trust it won’t be long.
Will you be His now? Will you stand true?
I know my Father will strengthen you.
I know that Jesus will carry you...

So let us throw our burdens aside, and take our stand on Jesus’ side.
The trees are swaying in the wind; it will be rough and cold, my friend.
But let our courage never fail, we will get through the rain and hail.
Jesus is with us to the end.

The Upward Journey - Lyrics

Verse 1:
We are climbing on a mountain, with rocky edges steep;
Above is a living fountain, below are waters deep.

It is an upward journey; Our eyes shall not look down.
The lessons we are learning bring us to higher ground.

Each day will find us nearer to our heavenly home above;
Our Saviour growing dearer, our hearts renewed with love.

Verse 2:
At times when we have stumbled, we felt we could not rise.
Yet through it we were humbled, and saved by Jesus Christ!

So as you climb this mountain, and find more of your sin,
Do not become discouraged; remember where you’ve been.

The Lord will give you power to boldly take your stand
Beneath His bloodstained banner, just grasp His nail-pierced hand.

“So by My grace, run the race. My grace is sufficient for thee.
Just never stop, you will reach the top; Put all your trust in Me.
To the holy peak you are sent; I AM with you always,
Even unto the end.”

The Pilgrim's Path - Lyrics

While climbing up the pilgrim’s way in a quest to see the brighter day,
My feet began to slip and fall; I cried unto the God of all:

Verse 1:
“O how can I,” with weary sigh, “go farther up the path?”
It’s getting rough to climb this bluff, and brave the devil’s wrath.
I need some power from above, infinite faith, infinite love.

Verse 2:
“Never fear, child, I AM here,” I hear my Jesus say,
“I will provide, but in Me hide, until that joyful day.
Thou safely can depend on me, I’ll never leave nor forsake thee.”

Verse 3:
But I turned away to His dismay; I feared He’d not be true.
My faith all gone, the days were long, I knew not what to do.
My sorrow deepened to the brim, I felt I could not follow Him.

Verse 4:
But God’s my shield, and He revealed that these were Satan’s lies.
He drew me near, He took my fear, and loosed my heavy ties.
He taught me how to conquer sin, and then asked me to follow Him.

Verse 5:
I will follow Him, though the way be dim, even through the darkest storm,
And by His grace, I shall see His face, on that eternal morn.
Then I shall ever be with Him, never to see pain or sin.

And when my journey is all done, my victory having been won,
I’ll wearing my crown, in triumph gaze down
Upon that pilgrim’s path.

The Journey In Truth - Lyrics

Verse 1:
When I was deep down in the pit of sin, I was longing, but fell in despair;
My sin-sick heart cried out to Him, “O Lord, what must I do to be saved?!
Jesus, I’m nothing at all without You, O Lord, how I want You, O Lord, now I need You,
O is it not You, Lord, in Whom I’ve believed?

Verse 2:
When I saw the way, but thought it was dim; I had knowledge, but just wasn’t sure;
My longing heart cried out to Him, “O Lord, I know there’s truth in Your word.
Jesus, I know what You say is so true; Your word I see, but want to understand more.
O Lord, of its power, I must be assured!

Verse 3:
When I began to understand more of His word, I could sense the Lord speaking to me;
My hopeful heart cried out to Him, “O Lord, You’re showing me Your will.
Jesus, I don’t know how You will break through, But Lord, I know there is hope in You.
Your word, O Lord Jesus, in my life, fulfill.

Verse 4:
Then He led me on in the truth of His word; To new heights He led me everyday;
My joyful heart cried out to Him, “O Lord, I see You getting me through,
Jesus,You always are showing me more, more of Your light, that shines from Your word;
Lord let it shine through me, that all may see You!

All things work together for good somehow.
O Lord, I see it and I know now, that by Your grace, I will see Your face!
Oh, thank You, Lord Jesus, for all You have done!
The journey has more than begun….

Take My Hand - Lyrics

Verse 1:
If you think I don’t love you, and I just don’t care;
Just understand I’M there.
I AM here, look above you, and not on your trials.
Take my hand, dear child.

Never fear; I am here, just place your hand in Mine.
I will lead, just believe. Do not lose any time;
Take My hand, take My hand.

Verse 2:
Though you can’t see My face now, Just know I AM real,
All your pain, I feel.
Please accept My embrace now, and soon you will see
All that I can be.

Verse 3:
If you think it’s not true, child, that for you I died;
It is not a lie.
Yes, I did it for you, child, so you could be free;
Just look up to Me.

Verse 4:
If you think I’m not able to keep you from sin,
Let Me reign within.
Unbelief can be fatal, so choose to have faith,
I’m with you now, today…

Verse 5:
If you think I can’t lead you to the promised land,
Think again, I can.
I will lead you in through the stormy wind,
Till the very end...(ENDING): And if you are heavily laden,
Just give your burden to Me. I will provide your every need; by My
grace, you will succeed. Just give yourself to Me, and I will make you free.
Take My hand, take My hand...

Take Them Home - Lyrics

Verse 1:
All the evil in this world, its bitterness and pain,
Seem to call me up to heaven where sin has not one stain.
Still I long for the salvation of everyone I love,
God has something for all of us to gain...

So the prayer of my heart is to see them there, and never part.
Lord, help us all to be faithful to You now, till eternity.
Lord, I know You will take me home, but I beg of You,
Take them too, take them too, take them home...
Last Line: I pray, You alone are the Way, take them home.

Verse 2:
Souls are fainting all around me from ignorance of the Way
And God’s power to convert them, that turns the night into day.
Souls are precious in His sight, He chose to give His life
That we might be saved, and then shine forth the light...

Verse 3:
Sin’s deception, misunderstanding, confusion and despair
All lead souls who know the truth to not even be prepared
For they just are not converted, and truth is not applied;
They need Someone to change their hearts and lives...

Verse 4:
There are times when through the darkness I see the golden light
And I know that God will use me, and through me shine so bright
So that everyone will see it, and know God loves them too.
This assurance leaves heart and soul renewed...

Not Just Sometimes - Lyrics

Verse 1:
At times it seems I am so close, but then there are times I am so
Far away. Oh, Lord, don’t let me ever be lost; I want to be Yours, Lord,

Not just sometimes, but always Lord; I want to do Your will, completely, not in part. Jesus, I need Your love to fill each corner of my heart.

Verse 2:
Lord, I confess that I really have sinned; I’ve known the right path, but then still Turned away. O Lord, don’t let me refuse to repent, O Lord, at Thy feet all my Burdens I lay…

Verse 3:
Lord, please, open the eyes of my mind; I know it has been hard for my eyes on
You to stay. O Lord, don’t let me ever be blind; I want to see Your will, and then do What You say…

Verse 4:
Lord, open my ears, that Your voice may be heard, that by Thy grace, Your servant
I shall be. Lord, through faith in You, I can be assured, that Your grace really is
Sufficient for me…

Verse 5:
O thank You, Lord Jesus, for caring enough to tell me, “This world’s not just some
Place to play; Jesus, You are My Saviour and King; Lord, help me to be faithful to You everyday…

Verse 6:
Out of the heart are the issues of life, so, Jesus, in my heart, I want
You to be. Lord, with Your Spirit dwelling inside, I know that You, Lord Jesus, will shine through me…

Verse 7:
I know it’s not Your choice, Lord, to leave me behind, although I have really stumbled in the way; but Lord, in the darkness the light You shine, I must give my all Lord, I must not delay; With You I must stay…

Jesus, should this life be lived all alone? Jesus, I know the answer is “No”;
So I give my life to You, Lord, let Your Spirit shine through!

My Love Is Enough - Lyrics

Verse 1:
There are days when life doesn’t seem so bright,
And you just don’t know how you will get through.
You are feeling down, so you pace around,
But you find out that there is no use.
There’s only one place to go – one place where you know
You’ll be accepted and understood. The Father begs of you, “Please,
Just get on your knees. Then I can show you the way that is good.

I will hold you when your life is rough.
I will lead you when you don’t know where to start.
1: I’ll be with you; My love is enough to heal your sin-sick, wounded heart.
2: I’ll be with you; My love is enough to heal your weary, burdened heart.
3: I’ll be with you; My love is enough to heal your fearful, heavy heart.
My love is enough to heal your heart.
ENDING: Let me hold you when your life is rough.
Let Me lead you when you don’t know where to start.
Let Me heal you; My love is enough to heal your sin-sick, wounded heart.
My love is enough to heal your heart.
My love is enough to heal your heart.

Verse 2:
If you don’t know why it seems you can’t get by
Then there’s something that you need to learn
I’ve been through it, too, and I promise you
That there’s one place to which you can turn
The Lord’s desire right now is to show you how
To leave your burdens at His feet. If you will do this, He says,
“I will give you rest, and I will satisfy all of your needs.

Verse 3:
So you see, my friend, when your heart is rent
The great Physician is waiting for you.
Take your heart to Him; He will cleanse your sin.
Do not worry; He’ll carry you through.
Your broken heart He will heal; your pain He does feel
He will not leave you in the dust.
He pleads with you, “Trust in Me, I will set you free
If you will just place in Me all your trust:

Look to Jesus - Lyrics

Verse 1:
O precious friend, look around you,
Tell me, what do you see?
Riches and pleasures surround you;
What good can it all be?
O precious soul, look to Jesus!
Through faith in Him you will see:
Life is so vain lived without Him
But with Him, happy you’ll be.
Verse 2:
Pleasure may last for a while,
But if your soul is lost;
Whether or not you smile,
It will not cover the cost.
O precious soul, look to Jesus!
Your only hope is in Him.
Life can only get better
When you let Him reign within
Verse 3:
Friend, don’t you see all around you
Sadness, doubt, stress and pain?
Something for Jesus you can do;
Just yield yourself to His claim.
O precious soul, look to Jesus!
Your help and strength He will be.
Just trust in God, He will help you,
And He will set you free.
Verse 4:
Friend, you are precious in God’s sight.
You really can do His will.
In faith, keep fighting the good fight;
His is purpose in you He’ll fulfill
O precious soul, look to Jesus!
He is the One with the key.
Just unlock the door and He’ll save you,
And you will have victory.
Verse 5:
O precious friend, in the world,
You will gain no peace of mind;
Looking up to Jesus,
True peace in Him you will find.
O precious soul, look to Jesus!
For you He suffered and died;
Just take what He has offer,
And you will be satisfied.

Jesus the King - Lyrics

Verse 1:
In a stable there was a birth
This child was of most precious worth
The Son of God came down to earth, on that night
Even when Jesus was young
He and His Father, they were one
He was and is the Holy One, The everlasting Light.
Verse 2:
He lived to do His Father’s will
Hungry souls He came to fill
He taught the people on the hill, of God’s love
To the villages He came
To heal the sick, the blind, the lame
To glorify His Father’s name, throughout every world.
Verse 3:
In the garden, Jesus mourned
To a hill, His cross was borne
The soldiers placed a crown of thorns, on the King.
His weary eyes were filled with tears,
But all His love was met with jeers
Although He laboured all His years, Salvation to bring.
Verse 4:
He bore the burden of the cross
Though it appeared to be a loss
He really paid the highest cost, for our souls
In the temple the veil was torn
His body to a tomb was borne
But then one bright, victorious morn, He triumphed over death.
Verse 5:
I say that once I knew Him not
My burden was a heavy lot
With all my heavy heart I sought, for Him
And then my Saviour came to me
He took my sin and set me free
A brighter path He made me see, I shall not return
Verse 6:
Your sins may be as scarlet,
But your soul, He bought it
The battle, He fought it, for you.
So of your burden now let go
Jesus will wash you white as snow
And more grace He will bestow, To keep you free from sin.

Verse 7:
Now death is the result of sin,
But by His grace we can live in
The light the Lord has given, through His word.
Jesus won the victory
That we from sin may be set free
And now He calls to you and me, To let Him reign within.
Verse 8:
Enduring, we will run the race
In His strength, and by His grace
Until we see our Saviour’s face, when He comes.
Jesus will reign eternally
Men’s and angel’s praise will ring
Of His redeeming love, we’ll sing, To Jesus the King

In the Strength of Jesus - Lyrics

Verse 1:
In the strength of Jesus, I can overcome all sin;
In His strength I’ll do His will, and I will follow Him.

In the strength of Jesus, I can do all things,
In the strength that comes alone from the King of kings.

Verse 2:
In the strength of Jesus, I shall no longer fear,
In His strength, I’ll trust in Him knowing that He is near.

Verse 3:
In the strength of Jesus, I can do all things;
In His strength I’ll follow Him, I’ll mount on eagle’s wings.

Verse 4:
In the strength of Jesus, at His feet, my burdens I cast;
In His strength, I’ll run to Him, till I shall see Him at last.

Verse 5:
In the strength of Jesus, I shall glorify His name;
In His strength help others along, and His promises claim.

In the End -- Lyrics

Verse 1:
Are you upward bound? Do you want higher ground?
Do you want something real, something you have not yet found?
Fun and pleasure, as the wind, will it matter in the end?
What’s important? Put all else aside.
You must in God’s love now abide.
Trusting now in God’s care, you can then be prepared.

Verse 2:
Do you fear the last day? Do you not know God’s grace?
If you now live in Him, you can be ready then.
Fear and burdens, heavy sins, will you want them in the end?
If you keep them, what good will they do?
Jesus simply wants to free you.
Give your fears to Him now, seek Him, He’ll show you how.

Verse 3:
Do you need to give in, and surrender to Him?
Jesus knows what is best. Trust Him, and He’ll give you rest.
If you do this, truly, friend, He will lead you through the end.
In His power, you can do all things,
You’ll get through with Him as your King.
Will you let go today? God is mighty to save.

Verse 4:
So you see now, my friend, to prepare for the end,
You must now walk with God, who for you walked this sod.
Jesus came to set us free, it’s just up to you and me
To choose if we will follow Him.
If we’re on His side, we will win...

When the Lord comes in the end, on whose side will you stand?
Are you building on the shifting sand, or will you be found on the Rock?
You have nothing to lose, so then what will you choose?

In His Love Abide -- Lyrics

Verse 1:
I shall never be afraid, for the Lord is by my side.
On the cross, my debt was paid, I shall always in Him hide;
For He takes away my fears, and He holds my by His side,
And my earnest prayers He hears;
I shall in His love abide, I shall in His love abide.

Verse 2:
I shall never be alone, because Jesus really cares,
And to me He makes known, that He really is there;
For He ever is the Way, and the Truth and the Life,
And He leads me day by day;
I shall in His love abide, I shall in His love abide.

Verse 3:
I shall never be dismayed, for I know that all things
Work together for good, and true peace to me He brings.
Jesus carries me through, and I know for me He died,
And my heart He does renew;
I shall in His love abide, I shall in His love abide.

Verse 4:
I shall always trust in God, though I walk through valleys dark,
For He is my Staff and Rod, and each step for me He marks;
He will lead me all the way, for He is the Shining Light,
My trust in Him shall stay;
I shall in His love abide, I shall in His love abide.

Verse 5:
I shall always rejoice, for I’m now on Jesus’ side;
I will praise Him with my voice, By His grace to self I die.
He is cleansing me from sin, and He ever is my guide,
So I now live in Him;
I shall in His love abide, I shall in His love abide.

I Will Not Back Down - Lyrics

At Thy feet I kneel,
I pray for strength of will –
I will not back down.
Before Thy face I stand,
And by Thy grace I stand –
I will not back down.

You’ve put a conviction in my heart today.
I know it is You; I cannot delay.
You have shown me my folly,
And my sinful stalling.
I delayed to admit the truth,
And I pushed away Your calling.

I sometimes refused, but You prevailed.
And now I know I cannot back down.
I see You’ve been with me when for truth I’ve stood –
And You will stand with me, I know.

Trembling as I am,
I choose to take my stand –
I will not back down.
Weak though I may be,
I will be strong in Thee –
I will not back down, Lord –
I will not back down.

I Belong to Jesus - Lyrics

Verse 1:
I belong to Jesus, He belongs to me,
All because He saved me, on that cursed tree.
Oh, marvelous thought! How can it be so?
Such amazing love, I may never know.

Verse 2:
Lord, how can You love me? Jesus, Son of God,
Left the world above me, walked this guilty sod.
In the garden hour, Thou didst hold the cup;
Trembling, but with power, chose to lift me up.

Verse 3:
Lord, help me be true, to Your holy word;
May I honor You, in this wicked earth.
Whatever I do, wherever I be,
Help me to be faithful, always to Thee.

I Will Go -- Lyrics

Verse 1:
I will go, I will go with my Father, He is good, I must follow Him.
I must go, I must go where He leadeth me, even when the way is dim.
He is good to me, and I love Him so, His child I really want to be.
I will go, I will go with You Father, You are good; I must follow Thee.
Verse 2:
I will go, I will go with my Saviour, He is good, I must worship Him.
I must go, I must go where He leadeth me, only He can cleanse me of sin.
He is good to me, and I love Him so, His servant I really want to be.
I will go, I will go with You Jesus, it is You that I want to see.
Verse 3:
I will go, I will go with You Jesus, You are good, I must do Thy will.
I must go, I must go where You lead me, let me be Yours forever still!
You are good to me, and I love You so, Your friend I really want to be!
I will go, I will go with You Jesus, Let me be Thine eternally. . .

I Must Serve Him -- Lyrics

Verse 1:
God is so good, I must serve Him. He has done so much for me.
I prayed when the way was dim, and the light He made me see.

O Father, You are amazing, You have done so much for me.
You know, Lord, how much I need Thee.
Let me always Thy servant be.

Verse 2:
Lord, I know I was so evil, but then I cried out to Thee,
And in Thy loving compassion, Jesus, You came, and saved me.

Verse 3:
O Lord Jesus, You are lovely, make me always do Thy will.
I want You always before me, Lord in me, Thy will fulfill.

Verse 4:
Lord, I see You in my life, leading me on day by day.
In temptation, test and trial, You have taught me just to say:

His Love Will Endure -- Lyrics

Verse 1:
Sometimes you can’t see God’s hand, and you just don’t understand,
But I assure you my friend that He’ll be with you to the end.
And though your trials are deep, and they may cause you to weep,
In Jesus you can confide, and He will stay by your side.

He will carry you, He will get you through, and you can be sure,
That His love will endure, that His love will endure.

Verse 2:
Sometimes the path may be steep, and faith can be hard to keep,
But when we earnestly pray, He will lead us day by day.
And when you just can’t go on; and not much else could go wrong,
Just give your burdens to Him, and let Him cleanse away your sin.

Verse 3:
Sometimes we trust in man, but this is not in God’s plan;
First we must trust in Him, and He will bless our time with them.
So when we’re tempted to hate, Oh, let us not even wait
To ask God for His love, and glorify Him above.

Verse 4:
Sometimes you stumble and fall, but let the Spirit recall
That when you fell on your face, Jesus was there to embrace.
So if you’re troubled and weak, you know there’s Someone to seek.
You will find Jesus again, and He will save you from your sin.

Verse 5:
Sometimes you don’t think I’M there and that I don’t really care,
But through faith you can see that there is hope in Me.
Sometimes the path may be rough, and you don’t think I’M enough,
Just put your trust in Me, and you will have the victory!

I will carry you, I will get you through, and you can be sure,
That My love will endure, that My love will endure.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

He Showed Me the Way - Lyrics

Beginning: In my dreams, still be with me. Draw me closer to You, day and night – Keep me by Your side. Verse 1: In my dream, He answered prayer, And He showed to me the way to always follow Him. I was on a road overlooking a valley. I couldn’t see it, but there was danger around me. The sky was gray; I was afraid. I looked down the road, yet it was not the way To the place where I needed to be. Verse 2: Soon I vanished to a meadow where In front of me, I saw a Shepherd Man standing there. I studied Him, and He spoke to me. He spoke true wisdom that I began to see. The words He spoke were Scripture alone. He said all like sheep have gone astray. I felt He would show me the way. Verse 3: With my Shepherd, I appeared again At the place I was before, the place I had feared within. I looked to my Lord, who was strong and true. With Him I felt safe, though the sky was still not blue. I trusted Him, and followed His lead. As He walked away from the road I was on, I listened and hung on His word. Verse 4: As I followed, still He spoke to me. Still I knew not where I was, but I knew where I would be. He would lead me on to my home above. In a world of hatred, I could rest in His love. And come what may, I knew I was His. So we have the choice to walk in our ways, Or follow our Savior in faith.

Guide Me Onward - Lyrics

Verse 1: Guide me on my upward journey, on this mountain path so steep. You have climbed this way before me, keep me looking up to Thee, You have climbed this way before me, keep me looking up to Thee. CHORUS: Guide me always onward, Lord. Gird me with the Spirit’s sword. Arm me with the shield of faith. O Lord, lead me all my days. Verse 2: Guide me onto higher ground, help me never look down. Keep me always climbing upward, till I hear the trumpet sound, Keep me always climbing upward, till I hear the trumpet sound. Verse 3: Guide me, Father, through the valley, in this deadly battlefield. I am weak, but Thou art mighty, be Thou still my strength and shield, I am weak, but Thou art mighty, be Thou still my strength and shield. Verse 4: Guide me, Lord, on this great quest, as I know for me You died. Help me to endure each test, I know You are by my side, Help me to endure each test, I know You are by my side. Verse 5: Guide me, Lord, I need Your wisdom, I will ask for nothing less. Lead me seeking first Your kingdom, and Your robe of righteousness, Lead me seeking first Your kingdom, and Your robe of righteousness. Verse 6: Guide me, Jesus, up to heaven, from this rugged mountainside. Down below I see destruction; You’re the Rock in Whom I hide, Down below I see destruction; You’re the Rock in Whom I hide. Verse 7: Guide me on the narrow way, overcoming by Thy grace. Till that bright and joyful day when I see Your living face, Till that bright and joyful day when I see Your living face.

Forevermore - Lyrics

Verse 1: To my God I sing my praise, for He cares for me always I know He’ll never forsake me, And though life at times is rough, You will always be enough Forevermore, You’re here for me, always. Verse 2: Though I have wasted my life, my soul now is not at strife With You, for You have redeemed me. Now I give my heart to You, Thy will I will choose to do Forevermore, eternally, always. Verse 3: And Lord, You know that I am weak, but that is why it’s You I seek, Your grace is strong to sustain me. With You I will keep marching on, and this will always be my song: Forevermore, I’ll follow Thee, Always. Verse 4: To You Jesus, I give my all, I know with You I can not fall, Because You are Almighty, I know that You are leading me; You face to face, one day I’ll see Forevermore, I’ll be with Thee, always…

Father, Thank You - Lyrics

Verse 1: Heavenly Father, I really need You, You are so giving, And I know that, by Thy grace only, I can go on, In Your Spirit living! CHORUS: Father, thank You for blessing all my endeavors, You are amazing! I know You will keep leading me, You’ll hold my hand till I am with You forever! Verse 2: Heavenly Father, I really seek You, You are so mighty, And I know that wearing Your armour, You’ll lead me through The battle a victor! Verse 3: Heavenly Father, I really love You, You are so caring, And I know that You and You only could get me through, And all the burdens, You’re bearing! Verse 4: Heavenly Father, I really want You to lead me higher, And I know that trusting in You, Lord, You’ll give me strength To always march through the mire!

Deliver Me - Lyrics

Verse 1: I’ve fallen again, so low to the ground Even though in my heart I kept hearing the sound Of reasoning and pleading to show some self-denial. I thought I’d have fun, but my choice just brought me down. It lasted a while, but proved to be empty And all the whole time, I didn’t have peace O my God... Deliver me from ever turning back again To my own ways that only bring me down to sin. O Lord, my God, You are the answer to my question: “How may I be always faithful to Thee?” Verse 2: Dear Father I fell, and made a bad choice And deceiving myself, didn’t believe Your voice When You said You would deliver me from all evil. I could have believed, but I chose my own will. I now have the choice to trust and obey, So now by Your grace, I’ll do what You say Help me, Lord... Deliver me from everything that makes You sad Prevent me, Lord, from doing things that drive You back. You are so good, I do not want to disappoint You, You’re what I need, Jesus, with You I’m free. Verse 3: I’ve fallen before, and You’ve lifted me up And You’ve given me faith, Lord, You’ve filled me with hope. Lord, I know that You are leading me on the upward journey. Lord, You are my Guide, I must always trust in Thee. I’ve trusted myself, which proved to go wrong. With You by my side, the battle is won Thank You, Lord... Deliver me from ever choosing my own way Help me depend on You, Jesus, for everything You are my strength, You guide me onward everyday. Keep leading me – always by faith to see.

Be Still - Lyrics

Beginning: Be still, be still, take some time to spend with Me. Be still, be still, there’s so much, child, that you don’t see. Have you recently made the choice to listen to My voice? Be still, be still... CHORUS: Be still, and know that I AM God, I AM. I will be exalted in the earth, but where will you stand? Will you exalt Me as the King On your heart’s throne eternally? Be still, be still. Ending: Be still, be still. Verse 1: Sister, there’s a lot on your mind, I know. But I tell you there’s one place to go. Just come before God, He’ll show you what to do. And I know He is listening to you. You don’t have to focus now on the things of the past. He is longing to give you rest. No matter how you feel, His mercy will last. He is calling, “Be still... Verse 2: Brother, does it seem you don’t have time for God? Or maybe you just forget to hold on? Do you know He is longing to walk with you, To be with you in everything you do? You do not have to leave, and then come back to God. He is longing to stay by your side. He wants to listen to you, as friend to friend. He is calling, “Be still...

Consecration Prayer - Lyrics

Verse 1: Father, why do You love me? There’s nothing worth loving in me. My sins I see, and the pain they cause Thee; why do You love me so? I’ve been astray for too long, I pray to You through this song. I’ve sinned so much, I need Your touch, cleanse me Lord, make me whole. CHORUS: Why You would love me I don’t see, there’s nothing worth loving in me. It’s You that I need, with You I plead; Lord, I would follow Thee. Verse 2: God knows the end from the beginning; I’ll learn the start at the end. Before I see where I will be, He longs to take my hand. I insist I’m going the right way, but don’t see where my path will lead; Yet everyday, God begs me to say, “It’s You I really need.” Verse 3: Jesus, You know I’m a sinner; I don’t deserve heaven with Thee. But You don’t care, You want me there; You suffered and died for me. Create in me a clean heart; renew a right spirit in me. In You I am strong; to You I belong, throughout eternity. Verse 4: All to You I surrender, Thine forever to be. I’ll never let go, for this I know, that You will be with me. “Courage is fear that has prayed.” These words rang loud in my ears. I wasn’t sure if I could endure, but God dispelled my fears. Verse 5: Soon I will enter the battle; I must be strong, Lord, and true. It’s You I seek, for I am weak; Father, I lean on You. Help me be faithful and trusting; Lord, plant my feet on the Rock. It’s You I choose; I’ll not be moved – no matter what the cost. Ending, after chorus: Lord, I will follow Thee! Jesus, You’re everything to me. The world is as nothing compared. I’ll follow You now, You’ve shown me how. You have answered my prayers. O thank You, Lord, for the way You have led me day by day. I choose to live for You now; humbly before You I bow. Taking one day at a time, I give You all of my life. I choose to be dead to sin, and just let You live within! This is my consecration prayer; Lord, I will follow Thee... anywhere.

Come Back, Little Lamb - Lyrics

Verse 1: All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned to our own way, And the Lord hath laid on Him, all of our sin. And now Jesus says: “Come back, little lamb, return to the fold. In the end you won’t want to be out there, you will find it too rough and cold. When it was daytime, you left me to go play around. When the night came, unseen dangers were lurking about. I will lead you away from this dangerous place. I will feed you, and close to Me you shall be safe. Even if you are just so used to it here, I can still take you home, lead you all the way there.” Verse 2: Israel slideth back as a backsliding heifer: Now the Lord will feed them as a lamb in a large place. And now Jesus says: “Come back, little lamb, return to the fold. You thought that you were close enough, so you slowly lost your hold. In your weakness, you thought you could trust in your strength. There were thorns where I led you, so you wandered away. I’m your Shepherd, I offer the land that is best. Through My word I will feed you, and I will give you rest. If you still feel that with Me your soul is at strife, Just know I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Verse 3: Know ye that the Lord is God, it is He that has made us, And not we ourselves; we are His sheep. And now Jesus says: “Come back, little lamb, return to the fold. Have you been without Me long enough? Are your own ways getting old? Do not feel you are hopeless, I want you to be strong. No matter what you go through, your Maker is God. Even if you may feel that your heart is too cold, I will heal you and lead you back into the fold. If you go where I lead, you can never go wrong. Take My yoke upon you, and you will overcome.

He Said To Me - Lyrics

Verse 1: When I was so troubled and weak, I knew Who I needed to seek; I asked Jesus for His grace, and I could feel His warm embrace. Then He said in mercy to me, “My grace is sufficient for thee; You can trust I’ll get you through, You can know I’m always with you.” Verse 2: When I did stumble and fall, I cried out to God, and gave Him my all. I knew I was dead without Him, so I cried, “Lord, reign within!” He had said so clearly to me, “I am the way to victory. In this very trying hour, you can claim My saving power.” Verse 3: Jesus says assuredly, “By my grace, you will succeed, As you always hold My hand, in My strength, you’ll firmly stand.” So I now will run the race, In Jesus strength and by His grace; And I will continue running, Till I see my Saviour coming….

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Night in Laodicea--Lyrics

Verse 1:
One night, a Stranger passes through our city, the city of Laodicea,
To see who is prepared for eternity –
Prepared for the day that will come as a thief in the night.
Here and there is a candle lit, here and there a lamp burning
With the holy oil of the Spirit, in a house, in a heart.
Hot with heavenly flame, shining brightly for Jesus’ name –
These watch for the heavenly King,
And also for the enemy.

Verse 2:
Now as the Stranger passes from house to house, knocking at every door,
The faithful recognize Him as their King –
The One they have been waiting for, during darkest hours of night.
He hardly passes through their gate, as they hasten to the door.
For Him to knock they do not wait; they open right away.
He brings purified gold, and bestows upon young and old
His gifts of eyesalve and raiment,
That they may see and be holy.

Verse 3:
The King quietly makes His departure, passing through the midst of the city,
But those who have kept their watch follow Him.
He lives in their hearts, so they choose to stay by His side.
Soon they reach the outer walls, where the watchmen are sleeping.
The faithful try in vain to wake them, but He says they must go.
They make their way to a mount, where in sorrow, they look down
To see their city besieged by the army of the enemy.

The King, beginning to weep, cries in sorrow and pain so deep,
“What more could I do than I’ve done,
To save them from their chosen fate?”

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Choose to Stand - Lyrics

Verse 1:
If you’re sinking in the mire,
And you think you’re lost,
What does the Lord require?
Oh, what is the cost?
There’s something you must do, but not on your own.
It is through the Lord Jesus, by His grace alone,
That you can be saved and from sin be released,
And God will give you real true peace.
Verse 2:
If you’re just so tired of trying
To get through on your own,
You are on yourself relying;
You cannot walk alone.
Just let Jesus lead you everyday.
He will teach you what to do and what to say.
He will soften your heart and renew your mind.
Through Him true happiness you will find.
Verse 3:
If you think you can’t go higher
And there’s just no hope,
Just in faith look up to Jesus
And hold tight to His rope
Through faith you can keep journeying on;
In the strength of Jehovah you will be made strong.
In temptation and trial, just pray to the Lord.
Put forth effort and take Jesus’ sword.
Verse 4:
If you have that deep desire,
But you just don’t have rest,
And you want the Spirit’s fire,
That you may pass the test;
Through faith you can surrender to Him.
Wearing all of God’s armour, the battle you’ll win.
As you fight in this war, Jesus stands by your side;
Choose to stand in the power of His might.

By His Grace - Lyrics

Verse 1: By His grace, I’m growing; and I see Him sowing. By His grace I will grow, and more of Him I will know. CHORUS: By His grace, by His grace, I believe that Jesus is everything to me. Verse 2: By His grace, I’m learning, as my heart is yearning. By His grace, I will learn; always to Him I will turn. Verse 3: By His grace, I’m living; in the truth He’s giving. By His grace, I will live; as I receive, I will give. Verse 4: By His grace, I’m talking; in His Spirit, walking. By His grace, I will walk; and more of Him I will talk. Verse 5: By His grace, I’m running; and each sin I’m shunning. By His grace I will run; until the race is all done. Verse 6: By His grace, I’m singing; as in His arms, I’m leaning. By His grace, I will sing; to Jesus Christ the King if kings.

All I Need Is You - Lyrics

Verse 1:
O Lord, I love You, I love you now. I must do Thy will, somehow
But on my own, Lord, there is no way, but with You Jesus, I really may.

O Lord, You are amazing, and Lord, You are so good to me!
O Lord, You are almighty, and all I need is You!

Verse 2:
O Lord, I need You, I see it now, I lean on You Lord now.
I can move forward with You each day, because Lord Jesus, You are the Way.

Verse 3:
O Lord I want You to lead me on, to be my Vision, all day long;
And help me follow where You will lead, because Lord Jesus, it’s You I need.

Verse 4:
O Lord I see You, You guide me life, You get me through all strife.
With my eyes on You through stormy wind, I see You leading me to the end.

As the Flower - Lyrics

Verse 1:
As the flower turns to the sun, and needs the clear rays of light;
So I turn to Jesus’ face, shining bright...
When I see His mercy and love, and His presence is known,
Then I find His promises true, and the darkness gone.

Verse 2:
As the flower’s roots in the ground grow deep down and are strong,
So I grow in Jesus’ strength, holding on...
To my Saviour’s powerful hand, Always growing in Him.
As I journey upward in faith, He will lead me to the end.

Verse 3:
As the flower needs water to live, and reach its fullest height;
So I live in Jesus’ love; He is life...
Jesus gives me freedom from sin; He’s the water of life,
So I drink and ne’er thirst again, for through Him I’m satisfied.

Verse 4:
As the flower fades away, and withers and dies;
So a life can pass away, any time...
Soon we find it doesn’t last long, but as life still goes on,
Let us choose to live for God, forever to Him belong.

He Is God - Lyrics

Verse 1:
Are your burdens so heavy, that you can not walk steady?
You carry them all, but you stumble and fall?
You don’t have to keep them; there’s Someone to take them.
He’s longing to lead you. He’ll relieve and feed you.

He is God, the awesome God of all. Won’t you hear His call?
Forsaking all your sin, give your heart to Him.
Don’t wait any longer, He will make you stronger.
Just give it all to Jesus. Only He can save us.
ENDING: He is God, there’s no reason to fear. He still holds you dear.
Don’t trust in any feeling, when the Lord is bidding
Give your thoughts to Him. He’s the Way to freedom.
He’ll strengthen your endeavors.
He is God forever.

Verse 2:
Is it hard to surrender, since you’ve been such a sinner?
You’ve hardened your heart; you don’t know where to start?
Don’t turn God away, You can start today.
Your heart He will soften, as you seek Him often.

Verse 3:
Are you sometimes confused, about what to do?
One person says one thing, another says nothing.
Jesus calls to you, “I know what to do.”
Just listen to Him calling, He’ll keep you from falling.

Verse 4:
Do you think you can’t make it, so you feel like you fake it?
You fear you are hopeless, and you just can’t get through this?
God truly can save you; He’ll never forsake you.
Although you’re not perfect, In His sight, you’re worth it.

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Choose the Lord - Lyrics

Are things hard to give into, maybe they're good, but just so hard to do?
Do you ever wonder, if maybe it's God's voice?
If it is, then don't you want to make the right choice?
You can choose to listen, and choose to trust Him,
Choose to go wherever He leads.
You can choose to live, and give Him your sin.
At the door of your heart, Jesus knocks and pleads...
So no matter what the cost, just open up the door.
Choose the Lord, choose the Lord.

Is it hard to have meekness, since then it might be seen as weakness?
Do you really listen, and answer when God calls?
Don't you need to let go, and then see what befalls?
You can choose to break free, when He says, "Just trust Me.
I will get you where you need to be."
You can choose to let God change you inside.
Jesus calls to you now, "Let Me be your Guide."
What a gracious offer, you could ask for nothing more.
Choose the Lord, choose the Lord.

Are there things you hold onto, not so good, but better than what some do?
Would you consider giving it to God?
If anything is His will, are you willing it be done?
You can choose to die to self and sin.
By His grace, through faith you can win.
Little choices for God add up, yes it's true.
In the war against sin, Jesus fought for you.
So no matter what self wants, just choose to win the war.
Choose the Lord, choose the Lord.

He just wants to make you free, and open your eyes to see
That each little step you take, and every good choice you make
To let Him live within, always draws you closer to Him.
And He will open the way for you to always stay...on His side.
So just trust in Jesus Christ, and let Him be your Guide.
Choose the Lord, choose the Lord.

I Belong to Jesus(Video)