You Are My All

When I felt really torn, not sure of what I needed,

To the right and left I turned,

And yet I never found it.

Then I heard a still small voice, saying,

"Come, I have what you need."

So then I struggled, and made the choice

To follow You, wherever You would lead,

So now...

When I don't know what to do,

I will turn to You.

You're the answer I'm looking for,

You are my Lord.

And when I don't know where to turn,

I still know what I've learned,

That You are my strength, my comfort,

My song,

You are my all...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take Them Home - Lyrics

Verse 1:
All the evil in this world, its bitterness and pain,
Seem to call me up to heaven where sin has not one stain.
Still I long for the salvation of everyone I love,
God has something for all of us to gain...

So the prayer of my heart is to see them there, and never part.
Lord, help us all to be faithful to You now, till eternity.
Lord, I know You will take me home, but I beg of You,
Take them too, take them too, take them home...
Last Line: I pray, You alone are the Way, take them home.

Verse 2:
Souls are fainting all around me from ignorance of the Way
And God’s power to convert them, that turns the night into day.
Souls are precious in His sight, He chose to give His life
That we might be saved, and then shine forth the light...

Verse 3:
Sin’s deception, misunderstanding, confusion and despair
All lead souls who know the truth to not even be prepared
For they just are not converted, and truth is not applied;
They need Someone to change their hearts and lives...

Verse 4:
There are times when through the darkness I see the golden light
And I know that God will use me, and through me shine so bright
So that everyone will see it, and know God loves them too.
This assurance leaves heart and soul renewed...