You Are My All

When I felt really torn, not sure of what I needed,

To the right and left I turned,

And yet I never found it.

Then I heard a still small voice, saying,

"Come, I have what you need."

So then I struggled, and made the choice

To follow You, wherever You would lead,

So now...

When I don't know what to do,

I will turn to You.

You're the answer I'm looking for,

You are my Lord.

And when I don't know where to turn,

I still know what I've learned,

That You are my strength, my comfort,

My song,

You are my all...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Is It?

Lord, why is it that my hopes are so unreal?
And, Lord, why is it that I feel the way I feel?
The burdens I bear – does anyone share?
Can anyone understand? When will I understand?

Verse 1:
I’m reaching out to You, Lord; I know You are my Saviour.
I want to understand this – there’s something I have missed.
O Lord my God, behold me, and let Your arms enfold me,
And show me why each day is a growing mystery.
            Lord, why is it that I cannot see my path?
            There’s fog before me, and there’s fog behind my back.
            I try to move on, but sometimes I wander,
            As I try to make it home, must I walk this path alone?

Verse 2:
My feelings and emotions – it’s so hard to control them.
They tell me to go one way, but that’s not what You say.
My heart is on a journey, and I see where it is turning.
My nature, I confess, doesn’t always turn to You.
            Jesus, show me how in You I can find rest.
            I feel so lonely when my burdens have me pressed.
I know You’re my Lord – my only Saviour.
Please show me how to trust. In this world I see I must.

Verse 3:
The things, O Lord, that tempt me, they leave me feeling empty.
They may make me feel good, but deep inside my heart,
I’m still a struggling child, and restless all the while
Without true peace and love, which come from You alone.
            Lord, I’m finding that I cannot trust myself.
            Only You, Lord. No, not anybody else.
            And why is it so? It’s starting to show –
            You’re causing my eyes to see.
And soon, Lord, I will be free.
            By Your grace, Lord, I am free!

Finished 11:30 p.m., Thursday night, January 5th, 2012

Lord, How Long?

Verse 1:
Lord, how long can this go on, family life as it is?
Our love is waxing so cold; so much is going wrong.
            We reach out our hands outside our homes,
Because we think our family’s to blame.
And we forget our own faults, or just don’t see them,
And then we wonder why we’re still ashamed. Lord, we need a change.
Help us come to right relation, make the wrong things right.
May we have a strong connection, turn our darkness into light.

Verse 2:
Lord, how long can this go on, this professed church we’re in?
We do such great works on the outside, but won’t let You work within.
            We reach out our hands outside our homes,
            As we show our family is not
            Our first priority, and not important,
            And then we wonder why things are not right. Lord, You must change our lives.
If we’re going to help the world, then it’s YOU they must see.
We must live by Your example with our own family.

Verse 3:
Lord, how long can this go on, this world as it is?
We would just destroy ourselves, if You didn’t come back soon.
            We reach out our hands outside our homes,
            Because we think what matters most is fun.
            That’s part of why our families are broken,
            And then we wonder why the world’s so messed up. Now’s the time to look up.
Help us put first things first, and to look in the mirror.
And instead of blaming others, the golden rule adhere.

Lord, how long can I refuse to let go
Of the things that, by Your grace, I know
Are not the things that would be best down the road.
Lord, take it all, and no matter what others do,
I still have light to live up to.
I can’t cast on them all the blame, and just wait for them to change;
Lord, I must do my part for You.
It’s Your will I must do. Lord, I trust You will lead me through.

I Was There

Verse 1:
Remember, My child, not too long ago,
You had no friends, and you felt all alone.
You knew not the love I had for you. But, deep down in your heart you knew
There must be a true Best Friend for you.
And as I came to your heart, you let Me into your life.
And nothing could break our ties.
            For I was there when it felt like nobody cared,
            And when you had no one, I was there.
            You weren’t even lonely after a while,
            But where are you now, O My child?

Verse 2:
I led you on, and you walked with Me.
The important things you began to see. You knew since I allowed it, it was right.
I placed you where I knew it was best for you.
A purpose I had, and I led you through.
And in so many ways, you learned to be content.
You cared more to be free from sin.
            And I was there, and you knew that I really cared.
            And through everything, child, I was there.
            You wanted to seek first the kingdom of God.
            And gave Me the rest of your wants.

Verse 3:
I heard your prayers, and I gave you strength.
Through everything, you were learning faith. And as you trusted Me, I blessed you more.
I added human friendship to your new life
To cheer you and them, and to bless both sides,
And through your connection with Me,
Your links with them were real.
My providence worked things out well.
            And they were there, yes, they’re all an answer to prayer.
            Your struggles are lighter when you know they care.
            Friends are a blessing when I’m there, too.
            There are reasons I gave them to you,
But I was there when it felt like nobody cared
And when you had no one, I was there.
I was your Friend and you cherished Me.
My child, I just want you to see.

Finished on January 5th, 2012, Thursday Afternoon

For the Glory of the Truth (In Our Youth)

Verse 1:  When we look at our lives, are they as good as they could be?
Or are we just good enough to get by?
God sees us as we are, and He wants us to work with Him.
Against self we must fight. (Chorus)
We can’t do anything without God on our side.
We can’t give what we don’t have, so let’s cherish the light.

Chorus:  We must fight for the right, for the glory of the truth,
Till we win; but let’s begin while we’re still in our youth.

Verse 2:  We’ve been placed in this world, and we are here for a purpose.
For whom are we living our daily lives?
Our talents and our time have been lent us. We’re not our own.
We’ve been bought with a price. (Chorus)
Father, put a desire in our hearts, Lord, for You.
May we burn just like a fire, on the candle of truth.

Verse 3:  There are souls all around who are sin-sick and dying,
And we hold the medicine in our hands.
Will we open up our hearts, and accept the healing balm?
We must take and impart. (Chorus)
Will we place all our trust in our Father above?
Will we give Him our hearts that we might spread His love?

Verse 4:  If there’s one thing we need, it is an indwelling Savior,
But who of us really knows what that means?
We must seek Him, then we’ll know, if we seek Him with all our hearts.
Then we’ll work, where we are.
BRIDGE:  We the youth, champions of truth,
Have a work to do for our loving Master. Why wait till we’re older?
Put the cross on your shoulder. (Chorus)
If we give Him our will, leave our comfort zone behind,
We can’t lose anything good, if we’re on Jesus’ side.

A Mark Upon the Soul

Verse 1:
When I was young, things fell apart, and deep within my burdened heart,
I ached because of a painful hole that left a mark upon my soul.

Verse 2:
Born a human, as we all are, I had fallen nature from the start;
But o’er the years I could feel the pull of One who wanted to heal my soul.

Verse 3:
I knew a couple who really cared. They showed it through their love and prayers.
They really acted a Christlike role that left a mark upon my soul.

Verse 4:
There was a family, they had two girls. Their influence was worth more than pearls.
They walked with God, and their actions told. They left a mark upon my soul.

There were so many others who made a mark, and God has for you a special part,
So don’t you give up; you never know, if you’ve left a mark upon a soul.

Verse 5:
Over time I was seeking God. I saw my need, and knew I was lost.
I didn’t know how to be made whole, but Christ began to heal my soul.

Verse 6:
Going deeper with my Lord, I’ve come to trust Him more and more.
I’m learning how to let Him control, and write His image upon my soul.

Verse 7:
Looking back at my past life, I feel for those afraid of the light,
But by God’s grace, it is now my goal to leave a mark upon their soul.

Verse 8:
Now to you, friend, I say these words: Let’s put eternal interests first,
And say with Peter to a hurting soul, “Arise, Christ Jesus makes you whole.
Arise, Christ Jesus makes you whole.”

Finished on December 23rd, 2011, Friday night, around 8:45

My Heart is on a Journey -- Lyrics

Beginning: My heart is on a journey.
I’ve been to many places, yet still there’s more to see.
Verse 1:
I started my journey walking alone, not having a purpose or knowing where I’d go.
I wasn’t doing too well, was on my way to hell.
The sins that I wanted, a voice told me to sell.
And as I really listened to this voice more and more,
By faith I could see Him, ‘twas Jesus Christ the Lord.
He gave me a purpose, a map and a sword.
Verse 2:
He had me climb to a mountain peak, and that’s where I saw how the world is so empty.
It’s full of pleasure, but also many nets, And offers no true peace, or lasting happiness.
Ever since I climbed that mountainous way,
I’ve loved them with deep love and I earnestly pray
For them to know the Savior, and grow in grace.
Verse 3:
I’ve seen the ruins of Vaunting Pride in a land where many have died.
I used to like it there, and tarried for a time, But Jesus had me die, that I might have life.
The One who leads me is humble and meek,
And that’s what He’ll make me as His face I seek.
He’s the Source of strength for the heart’s journey.
Verse 4:
Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain. Feelings and emotions are nothing like faith.
Feelings come and go with the winds that blow,
And they lead the mind away from reality and faith.
I see how it is, and I’m so glad to know, And God will show me more as I onward go.
The right paths are His, so I will follow.
Verse 5:
I thought I’d seen love, but I didn’t stop long enough. Then God showed me I needed to soften up. Jesus bought each soul with His precious blood,
And as I’ve done to them, I’ve done it unto Him.
I’ve gone that much farther, and He is still leading.
The more I see of Him, the more it changes me.
The more Jesus leads, the better all will be.
Verse 6:
Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroyeth much good:
I fought against conscience, thinking I could win,
But I thought on my ways, and saw it was sin.
So now instead of fighting against my Lord,
I fight against self with His Spirit’s sword
Until I am with Him forevermore.
ENDING: Your heart is on a journey, so watch where you’re going and let Jesus lead.