You Are My All

When I felt really torn, not sure of what I needed,

To the right and left I turned,

And yet I never found it.

Then I heard a still small voice, saying,

"Come, I have what you need."

So then I struggled, and made the choice

To follow You, wherever You would lead,

So now...

When I don't know what to do,

I will turn to You.

You're the answer I'm looking for,

You are my Lord.

And when I don't know where to turn,

I still know what I've learned,

That You are my strength, my comfort,

My song,

You are my all...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Set Him Free

Deep in a dungeon lies a sinner in chains, weeping in anguish.
Dark sins enslave him; he is writhing in pain. Hope seems to vanish.
He has lived in his sins, and he knows where they lead.
Now he hates all of them, and he longs to be free.

In his heart, he is chained to sins that hold him a slave.
At times he wants to be free, but he needs to believe.
His heart longs for God, but his nature does not.
But is he not like you and me?
He clings to his sin, though it keeps hurting him;
And only Christ can set him free.
            This battle must wage for each one of our souls.
            And in this the love of our Saviour is told.
            He chose to be wounded that we may be whole.
            So then what will this prisoner choose?

Lord, I know that my prayers have not been in vain.
I’ll trust in Your Word, Your promises claim.
By faith, Lord, I know that You will set him free.
You’ll soften his heart and draw him to Thee.
You alone can enter that dungeon cell,
And save his soul from the depths of hell.
Give him the key, and show him the way.
Give him the will to trust and obey.

Shine Your light in his dungeon so dark;
Show him the healing You have to impart.
And finally lead him triumphantly on;
Let “Victory, victory” be his song.
Give him the desire to follow Your voice,
And make him invincible in the power of choice.
You have come to the door of his dungeon.
Freedom is the door, faith is the key.
I know You will set him free.
            I know You will set him free.

One Year’s Progress

Verse 1:
In my heart I need You, Lord Jesus, Always guiding my thoughts and actions and words.
Let Your holy Spirit always shine through, That people around me may see more of You.
You are good to me, and I love You, Lord Jesus. You are what I need, Lord, Your call I Must heed To give myself to You, Lord Jesus, completely,
And by Your grace, I’ll have faith as You lead.

Verse 2:
Lord, I know You care about each part of my life. You guide me along each step of the Way, In little things as well as bigger things; Lord, You’ll be with me tomorrow as You’re with me today. Life is so good when I’m walking with You, Lord. All thing work Together for good, Lord, I know, As You put in me deep things from Your word,
Supply all my needs and help me to grow.

Verse 3:
There are things I want to know, but You say, “Just wait.” I’ve felt overwhelmed, but I Pray, “Your will be done.” You’re teaching me patience and testing my faith.
You will finish the work You’ve already begun. Good things You promise to me, Lord Jesus, as I always strive Your servant to be! Things I don’t deserve, yet, Lord Jesus, I say, “Yes,” Accepting Your blessings You give freely.

Verse 4:
Lord, I’ve wrestled with this so long, there has got to be an end.
I know victory is sure, when You break through To my heavy heart that needs to be Touched With power from You, all people to love. Jesus, You want me to love my Neighbor, as I love myself, so, Lord, help me now To always treat each of them as souls To be won To your kingdom, yes, Lord, show me how.

Verse 5:
My feelings and emotions have sure gotten in the way Of seeing things as they really, Truly are. But, Lord, You are changing my priorities, And helping me to see where I now Need to start. You’ve taught me how to put everything in Your hands, Trusting that You Always know what is best. I know You’ll work things out, and Your will shall be done.
I’ll do what You say, and You’ll handle the rest.

Verse 6:
I know putting You first, things can only go right, So help me to seek first the kingdom of God, And help me to walk by faith, not by sight. Give me power and grace to walk where You’ve trod. Jesus, You convict me to make the right choices. Temptations arise, but I Want victory, And I know through You, I shall have it, Lord Jesus
Since what You say is true and always will be!
ENDING: Jesus, I know that You care for me, so I give myself to You,
A vessel of honor for Thee, to be used in service for You, for You, my God and King.

Believe -- Lyrics

Verse 1:
Lord, I come to You to praise Your name, and as I draw nigh, You will do the same.
Lord, You have the answers, and You know what is best. I choose to walk with You.
My efforts You will bless.
Lord, help me to do whatever You say, not to pick and choose,
But trust in You and obey.
I have not because I ask not, so, Lord, now I ask that Your will be done.
The least I could do is give You my heart,
And that at least would be a start.
I believe in You. I believe in You.

Verse 2:
When we want something what do we do, just sit there and do nothing?
No, we tend to ask God for our will to be done, and then we wonder why
He didn’t give us our want.
Let us lift our heart with our hands unto God,
And search and try our ways, and turn to seek His face.
We have not because we ask amiss, so we can get those things that we wish.
But that is not what we should do to our God,
Instead we should seek whatever Jesus wants.
Let’s believe in Him. Let’s believe in Him.

Verse 3:
When you have a need what will you do, just sit there and do nothing?
No, that’s not the answer, stop relying on yourself. Just trust in the Lord,
And pray for Him to bless.
            When you have a need, just go to Him,
Believe you will receive, just believe in Him.
You have not because you ask not, so just seek His face, and trust He has the grace
And know if it’s according to His will, your petition He will fulfill.
Just believe in Him. Just believe in Him.

Verse 4:
Lord, without Your grace I would fall apart, thinking I was whole yet having a hard heart.
But, Lord, You can help me to walk in the light; You are the only way,
You’re the source of right.
            By grace I am saved, and that not of myself;
            It’s a gift from You through faith. I can’t rely on myself.
I can do ALL things through YOU. You give me strength, and show me what to do.
My faith You’ll keep increasing through everything,
And when You come again, I’ll be able to say,
“I believed in You. I believed in You.

I want to see You, Lord, and until the day I do,
I’ll claim the promises of Your word as You lead me through.
I believe in You. I believe in You.

--Finished on Monday, January 23rd, 2012, Late Morning I Think—

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